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Prices puts you in control of your recruitment. It's also one of the only job boards that does not allow recruitment agencies to advertise - so jobseekers always know who the employer is. We offer a range of options to meet your recruitment needs ranging from standard job listings to your own fully functional recruitment website.

Standard Listing

Upload details of the vacancy including the job description and receive applications online

Single standard listings


Further standard listings

£125 for 5 (£25 each)

*For all charities and nfp organisations

Enhanced listing

As standard listing but also includes your company logo. Your listing text will also appear in the job email alert sent to all registered jobseekers.

Single enhanced listings


5 enhanced listings

£250 (£50 each)

Featured vacancy listing

Your listing, including your logo, will be placed on the homepage of, ensuring optimum exposure to jobseekers. Your listing, again including your company logo, will also feature in job email alerts that are regularly sent to all registered jobseekers.

Featured vacancy listing

Only £150 per week

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Featured Recruiter

Your company logo will be placed on the homepage of in a prime position and will link directly to your own nfp recruitment website (see information on recruitment website packages), maximising traffic to your job pages.

Featured recruiter

Only £100 per week

Price guarantee

Our prices will not
increase in 2018.

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