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Recruitment website packages

Create your own fully customised recruitment website from which you can manage all your recruitment. With no upfront software or licensing costs, your fully functional jobs website can be created within minutes. For seamless management, your recruitment website can be easily hosted on your main website too!

To see an example of an nfp recruitment website please visit:

By setting up your recruitment website you will:

  • Have your own branded jobs website
  • Promote your vacancies across the whole of the nfp network
  • Benefit from the extensive marketing programme in place for the nfp network - instant traffic!
  • Be able to link your website to your own company site - a one stop shop for your recruitment needs
  • Benefit from unlimited free standard listings on your own site
  • Be eligible on discounts on enhanced listings and internet/press advertising

Functionality includes:

  • Filtering of inappropriate applications using screening questions
  • Receive applications online in one of three formats
  • Issue standard email communications
  • Longlist applications
  • Schedule Interviews
  • Contact Referees
  • Monitor media effectiveness and diversity
  • Your own searchable candidate database

Benefits to jobseekerse include:

  • Easy registration and self managed account
  • Secure login
  • Save searches and favourites
  • View recent and create compare lists
  • Receive job email alerts
  • RSS feeds

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