Croydon Gateway

Things like this have a habit of not always rolling out as planned, but I’ve just found about about a MAJOR regeneration project in Croydon called Croydon Gateway. Plans look pretty cool, so I’ll be watching this one closely.

…makes you wonder what the implications & opportunities are for my Church, Croydon Citadel.

The 12-thousand seater arena sounds like a great place to Worship!!

No Parking

….you gotta check out the progress of young Chris Parker, as he bounds around the globe.

Chris is enagaging in a year of development, of learning, of seeing and being. His year long internship with The Salvation Army International Emergency Services Team will teach and train him in ways he will never have imagined.

He’s a good buddy, and little bro of my best man, and all round top geezer, Duncan Parker.

Watch & learn….I’m hoping his blog will be a goody

Peace & blessings to you, Chris my young brother.


Synchronicity - it’s a funny old thing.

Creepily, I’ve just clocked that there is a company which uses the same office facility site as my office which is called Laird Recruitment.

Strange but true!


I have to big up The Salvation Army’s London South East Divisional Youth Chorus – AKA RE:SOUND.

…went to one of their gigs at Upper Norwood Salvation Army last night, and was completely impressed. As far as I can understand, it’s early days for them in their present incarnation as a Gospel Choir, but they did a great job: good, authentic soulful Gospel sound – some soloists of real promise, tight band, and they clearly were having a good time.

On top of all that – and most importantly – they’re on fire for Jesus.

I hope they can sustain this, because they can be a really effective unit.

Proceeds were in aid of The SA’s WATERSHED appeal


I took a raft of books on my recent holiday – Coupland’s JPod, iCon – a biography of Steve Jobs – Finishing Well by Bob Buford, Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller, Velvet Elvis for a re-read, and my old faithful Peterson’s Message. However, I’d forgotten I’ve got two little kids! I barely even got started with the first few chapters of JPod!

My bookshelves at home are rammed with books that are on my “to read” pile, and sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get round to finishing any of them.

On top of that I have no particular desire to cure my magazine addiction, although I’m doing well. The only one that I still buy regularly is WIRED although I can’t resist dipping into Fast Company when I can actually find it in an English newsagents. Gone are the days when I would comfortably shell out for 5 or 6 mags a month. I guess that money goes on Pampers now!


…back to work after a top week away at New Quay, in Cardigan Bay West Wales – I didn’t need to wear one once. Weather was great, it was still quiet because the schools hadn’t finished for the summer, and we chilled to the max.

Links – I hope it’s worked

I’ve added a bunch of new links – at least I hope I have – just to beef up my blog a little, and let anyone who might happen to read any of my rambings have an insight into the stuff I read almost daily:

Anita – you should have seen the previous posting which explains all

Hannah – my good friends Grayson & Janice’s daughter, who’s living the life in the US, working at Camp…brings back memories

Headphonaught – compulsive Scots blogger & barometer of coolness . We have so many things in common it’s spooky, but that has yet to be properly explored: Bellshill connection, Greenock memories, music stuff, appreciation of the Lard, Roots, books..very very weird.

Lard – super talented design chappy & all round good egg

Mark Waltz – always has good stuff to say on Church & relationships; part of the Leadershiop team at Granger Community Church, IN, USA

New Hope Christian Fellowship – wonderful Church on Oahu, HI. We used to visit when on vacation in Hawaii, and it’s just a wonderful place. Great teaching, wonderful worship & an amazing impact on the community. The stuff of dreams!

Pernell – inspirational Church planter fellah with good stuff to say on most subjects. One day I will go to the Freeway for a latte – it’s gonna happen

….did I forget anyone?


Shout Mr Sparker

…gotta give a shout out to my good friend, and Godmother to Mia, Anita Parker…who just started her own blog

Check it out here.

Hours of fun

…if you really had the time, you could wile away days with this….colourful, creative….and oh so soothing!

The Christ

…something I want to share

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