The Salvation Army & Homosexuality – One Salvationist’s important contribution to the conversation

Swedish Salvation Army Officer, Patrick Olterman has produced a series of blog posts that represent possibly the most comprehensive personal view of The Salvation Army and homosexuality that’s available anywhere at the moment.

It’s a big read –expansive (12 individual blogposts…and counting), in-depth, personal yet highly relevant for the movement in general and possibly with some important resonances for other Churches exploring their relationship with and response to the LGBT community.

The posts have appeared for the first time an English translation, I believe, in two places almost simultaneously.

You can read them at Patrik’s own blog, “Warcry – An Epic Love Story Played Out on a Battlefield”, or alternatively at a niche site for Former Salvation Army Officers that is run by Sven Ljungholm, who is responsible for the translation from the original Swedish into English. By all accounts, people are saying that Sven has done a great job in translating Patrik’s series of posts.

The reason I mention both is that I’ve found it useful to refer to both versions. Patrik’s blog has a clearer, cleaner aesthetic that’s easier on the eye and scans well as you navigate through it.

However, at the time of me writing this post very few people have left any comments at Warcry.

Almost all of the dialog and comment from others is on the FSAO site, where the comments are being used quite robustly, so it’s been good to dip into the posts there too – although if you’re unfamiliar with the site, or indeed The Salvation Army it can be bit of a trawl to find your way around.

Taken as a whole, Patrik’s writing is definitely worth taking some time to read, but if you can’t give it the time, you might want to check out a shorter post on the subject here…

HT to Patrik for the pic

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  1. Lurch Kimded February 11, 2012 at 6:50 PM #

    Thanks for sharing this, should be an interesting read, hopefully it will provoke some open (and calm) discussion… hopefully :)

  2. Johnny Laird February 13, 2012 at 2:03 PM #

    That’s certainly the hope…

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